Apple launches Intel based Macs

During his MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs announced Apple’s new Intel based Macs. We have new iMacs, and a PowerBook replacement, the 15 inch Mac Book Pro.

I am both excited and disappointed by this news. The new Mac Book Pro looks great. But my hands really prefer the keyboards on the iBooks, so I was hoping for the announcement of a new iBook today. I am currently saving up for an Apple laptop, and if I want an Intel based one, I will have to save up twice as much to get a Mac Book Pro. Maybe by the time that I have the money the new iBooks will be out.

Although, the new Mac Book Pro does have a lot of features that make me want it in spite of the high price and the keyboard.

The power cable is now secured in place magnetically. This is to help prevent someone, in my case most likely a dog, from tripping over the power cable, sending the laptop to the floor. If that happens with this connector, the cable just comes off instead. I only hope that the magnet is strong enough that it does not lose it’s magnetism after 4 years. That would suck!

The new Mac Book Pro also comes with a built-in iSight camera for video conferencing, and Apple’s new media viewing application, Front Row. To make Front Row more fun, it also comes with an elegant six button remote.

All this comes on a platform that, based on the metrics on Apple’s site, is four times faster than the existing G4 PowerBooks.

So, yeah, if the iBooks are not out by the time that I save up $2000, I am going to buy me a new Mac Book Pro.


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