Funny .Net project names

Many .Net projects have names that start with the letter N. There is NMock, NCover, NUnit, NDepend, and I am sure that there are plenty more. Not that I have any problem with any of these projects, 3 of them I use every day, but I really do think that this naming convention is rather silly.

I was thinking about this yesterday, and I came up with the following list of satire.

  • NSite
  • NToIt
  • NVolved
  • NBetween
  • NSist
  • NGenius
  • NConceivable
  • NSide
  • NDemand
  • NLaws
  • NCompetent
  • NPut
  • NDependent

NConceivable is probably my favorite. So much so, that I am thinking of adding a shirt to my CafePress store with that printed on the front. And speaking of my store. Stop reading this, and go buy some stuff. :)

If you can think of any more add them to the comments section.


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