In search for a non-suck floor sitting desk thingy

Wow. That is probably the worst title that I have come up with in a long time.

I just moved into a townhouse in the Manassas Park area. The commute is very long, but I think that I have it figured out now. But I am starting to run into an issue. My back hurts. Yes, that is right, my back hurts. And I think that it has something to do with sitting on the floor the entire time that I am in the townhouse. I guess that needs some explanation.

I am trying to live extra cheap while I am here. That means that the only items in this room that I am staying in are a lamp, an air mattress, a few suit cases that I am using as a dresser, and a duffel bag that I am using to store some books and a few other things. I am also using my TiVo as a desk.

So, whenever I use the computer I sit cross legged on the floor with the laptop on the TiVo. In order to be able to type well, I have to lean down. This puts a good deal of strain on my back.

What I need is some form of desk. I don’t mind sitting on the floor so much, but I need to get the laptop off the floor more. I would also like something that allows me to put two laptops side-by-side. So I need a cheap floor desk idea. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Michael says:

    I’ve been moving more towards floor bed and seating. I saw this recently. You might like it.

  2. vaderpi says:


    This looks really nice! Thanks for sharing.

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