Importing an existing git repository into subversion

I been scouring the net for a way to take an existing local git repository and apply all of the commits to a subversion repository. I finally found the answer. I am going to rewrite the procedure here while I wait for my code to be commited.

Assume you have an existing git repository, and you are currently in that directory, run the following commands to link your git repository to the subversion repository.

  $ git svn init -s svn://my/svn/server
  $ git svn fetch

The result of the fetch command should display a series of revisions from the subversion repository.

Now run the following command and store the result somewhere.

  $ git show-ref trunk

This should yield a sha-1 hash for the remote repository.

Now we need to grab the hash for the local repository.

  $ git log --pretty=oneline master | tail -n1

Finally, we need to let git know that these two revisions should be “grafted” onto one another for that do the following.

  $ echo "<second value>  <first value>" >> .git/info/grafts

Running git log should reveal that the last commit from subversion now appears right before the first commit in your local repository. Perfect!

Now run the following command to push everything into the subversion repository.

  $ git svn dcommit

Sit back and watch the output scroll by. My commit is still running, even after typing this entire post. :)


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