Ever wanted a database equivalent to grep?

I am always banging my head against the wall when working with legacy databases, because it is difficult tell where information is stored. Reading through the entire application code base to find the location of a string on the user interface is a very frustrating task. It would be much faster if I could just run grep '.*message.*'. I have been wishing that such a thing existed for quite a while, but I was unable to find one that did what I wanted. Start with a dash of ruby, add an hour of my time, throw in some tinkering, and bang. It’s done.

This version only works with Oracle databases, but it should not be too difficult to rework this to talk to database management system that you are mucking with.

Requirements: ruby 1.8.7 or later, ruby-oci8 version 2.0 (if on Windows, make sure you download the binary gem from rubyforge instead of trying to do gem install ruby-oci8)



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