I wrote my respresentatives today. About food.

I sent the following letter to my congressman, Eric Cantor and to my senators, Mark R. Warner and Jim Webb.

<Mr. Representative>:

This letter was prompted by my viewing the recent documentary, Food, Inc. by filmmaker Robert Kenner.

I encourage you to reintroduce, or support the reintroduction, of “Kevin’s Law,” introduced in the 109th Congress as H.R.3160. I feel strongly that granting additional authority to the Secretary of Agriculture and subsidiary agencies will lead to a safer food system and a healthier public.

I also encourage you to support the “local food” movement. The public needs better access to local food sources. Having a “local food” section in every grocery store will go a long way to providing this access. A more practical solution is to encourage and support the development and growth of farmer’s markets, especially in urban areas.

I would like to close with an appeal to watch the documentary, Food, Inc.. This movie has greatly affected how I feel about the food that reaches my mouth, however, I feel powerless to effect change. My hope is that if more public officials with power to effect change become aware of the current situation then true change will begin to take shape.

Thank you for your time. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

-M. Scott Ford

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