FF7: Voices of the Lifestream

<sigh/> For once, I have more to say than will fit in a tweet.

Over the weekend I pulled down OC ReMix’s Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream project. I listened to the entire four-disc set while coding at work yesterday, and about half of it while coding in bed last night.

I really enjoyed listening to the album while coding, but I did not enjoy listening to the songs as my primary focus. I have two theories about this. One, these songs were composed to be background music, so if you pay too much attention to them, you break the spell. Or two, listening to these songs directly conjures up images of tireless sitting in front of a small television with a Playstation controller in my sweaty hands, desperately trying to figure out where to go next, and hoping that I don’t run into a battle along the way, because the battle music always makes me jump out of my skin when it starts at 3 AM, and I am pretty low on life anyway, though I really could use the XP, all the while wondering why Aeris had to die.

Yeah, my money is on the second theory.

[Disclaimer: I worked on this game on and off from mid 1998 through about 2005. I never finished, stuck in the ice mountains on the third disc. Oh, and the movie was beautiful, but it sucked, so I protested by buying it anyway.]

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